Artl. no: A12
Published in: Stockholm 1967
Language: English
Soft cover
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Opuscula Atheniensia VII. Åke Åkerström dedicata.

Bengt Julius Peterson, Swedish travellers in Egypt during the period 1700-1850.
Bengt Julius Peterson, A figure of a mummy and Herodotos II, 78.
P.M. Fraser, Current problems concerning the early history of the cult of Sarapis.
G.R.H. Wright, Some Cypriote and Aegean pottery recovered from the Shechem excavations 1964.
Bo Gräslund, Hethitische Schwerter mit Krummscheiden.
Bengt Malcus, Die Prokonsuln von Asien von Diokletian bis Theodosius II.
Gisela Walberg, Finds from excavations in the Acropolis of Midea 1939.
Gudrun Ahlberg, A Late Geometric grave-scene influenced by North Syrian art.
Paul Åström, Two unguentaria and an obol.
Christian Callmer, The published writings of Åke Åkerström.
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