Artl. no: A14
Published in: Stockholm 1968
Pages: 217
Language: English
Soft cover
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Opuscula Atheniensia VIII. Arne Furumark dedicata.

Robert S. Merrillees, Two Late Cypriote vases.
Homer L. Thomas, Archaeological implications of Near Eastern historical chronology.
V.E.G. Kenna, Studies of birds on seals of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age.
Robin Hägg, Mykenische Kultstatten im archaologischen Material.
Margareta Lindgren, Two Linear B problems reconsidered from a methodological point of view.
Sture Brunnsåker, LEOKORION = ra-wo-ko-ri-jo? A note on the toponymy of Athens.
Per Ålin, Unpublished Mycenaean sherds from Asine.
Carl-Gustaf Styrenius, A Submycenaean vase.
Frithiof Rundgren, "Die leicht lebenden Götter".
Olivier Masson, Notes de numismatique chypriote.
Carl Nylander, ASSURIA GRAMMATA. Remarks on the 21st letter of Themistokles.
T.B.L. Webster, The Cesnola collection in Stanford.
Paavo Roos, Research at Caunus.
Paul Åström, Two inscriptions from Caunus.
Jonas Crampa, Some remarks on Welles, Royal correspondence, 29.
Nils-Gustaf Gejvall & Folke Henschen, Two Late Roman skeletons with malformation and close family relationship from ancient Corinth.
Paul Åström, Nils-Gustaf Gejvall & Per Håkansson, A Late Roman shaft grave from Anavyssos in Attica.
Willy Schwabacher, Nils Gustaf Palin. Nachträge zu einem schwedischen Sammler- und Forscherschicksal im Süden.
Robin Hägg, The published writings of Arne Furumark. A bibliography.
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