Artl. no: A25
Published in: Stockholm 1975
Pages: 148
Language: English
ISBN10: 9185086126
ISBN13: 978-91-85086-12-2
Soft cover
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Opuscula Atheniensia XII.

Erik J. Holmberg, Some notes on the immigration of lndo-Europeans into Greece during the Early Bronze Age.
Arne Furumark, Aegean society.
Åke Åkerström, Mycenaean problems.
Paul Åström, Methodological viewpoints on Middle Minoan chronology.
Per Ålin, Idalion pottery from the excavations of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition.
Paul Åström, Britt Nordberg & Lars Renfors, An unfinished kouros statue on Naxos.
Jerker Blomqvist, Additional remarks on the Locrian bronze tablets.
William Culican, Jewellery from Sarafand and Sidon.
Pontus Hellström & Erik J Holmberg, Excavations at Paradeisos (Klisi Tepe) on the Nestos 1976. A preliminary report.
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