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Published in: Stockholm 1984
Pages: 200
Language: English
ISBN10: 9185086592
ISBN13: 978-91-85086-59-7
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Opuscula Atheniensia XV.

Hjördis von Årbin, The alabastron-shaped vases found in the "Throne Room" at Knossos.
Paul Åström, Aegyptiaca at Hala Sultan Tekke.
Barbro Santillo Frizell, The tholos tomb at Berbati.
Barbro Santillo Frizell & Raffaele Santillo, The construction and structural behaviour of the Mycenaean tholos tomb.
Erik Holmberg & Alain Pasquier, Four Corinthian vases in the Röhss Museum and some others.
Robin Hägg & Yvonne Lindau, The Minoan "Snake Frame" reconsidered.
Kerstin Höghammar, The dating of the Roman bath at Asine in Argolis.
Tullia Linders, The kandys in Greece and Persia.
Nanno Marinatos, The date-palm in Minoan iconography and religion.
Hugo Montgomery, Silver, coins and the wealth of a city state.
P.A. Mountjoy, The bronze greaves from Athens.
Bogdan Rutkowski, Das Siedlungswesen von Amnissos in Neolithikum und Bronzezeit.
Charlotte Scheffer, Aegean, bronze-age, spit supports with scalloped tops.
Johan Henrik Schreiner, Historical methods, Hellanikos, and the era of Kimon.
Gisela Walberg, The Tod treasure and Middle Minoan absolute chronology.
O.T Engvig & M. Beichman, Underwater activities and the situation at Cape Kiti, Cyprus.
Ove Hansen, On the site of Brea.
David S. Reese, Shark and ray remains in Aegean archaeology.
Robin Hägg, The writings of Arne Furumark published between 1968 and 1982.
Robin Hägg, The Swedish Institute in Athens. Report for the academic years 1980-81 and 1981-82.
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