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Early Greek Cult Practice.

Proceedings of the Fifth Internat. Symposium at the Swedish Institute at Athens, 26-29 June, 1986.

by Robin Hägg, Nanno Marinatos & Gullög C. Nordquist

The purpose of the Fifth International Symposium at the Swedish Institute at Athens, the papers and discussions of which are contained in this volume, was to initiate a discussion of the various phenomena characteristic of Greek cult practice of the pre-Hellenistic periods, ranging from sacrifice and libations to the handling of cult images and the placing of votive gifts in a sanctuary. It was planned as a cross-discipline symposium so as to allow the problems to be addressed by scholars from diverging points of view, by diverse methods and on the basis of the available evidence, be it archaeological, architectural, iconographical, literary or epigraphical. We also invited an anthropologist, Professor W. Arens, of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, in order to put Greek cult practice in the more general perspective of cultural anthropology. These efforts notwithstanding, it proved impossible to even touch upon all relevant aspects of the topic within the limited time of three days of sessions (and a one day field-trip). The result was a concentration of papers and discussions on a few central phenomena, such as animal sacrifice, votive offerings and ritual meals, and a number of single contributions dealing with a wide range of other aspects. It is our hope that the proceedings will inspire further research in this fascinating field.
Robin Hägg


Animal Sacrifice, Minoan to Greek

Nanno Marinatos, The imagery of sacrifice: Minoan and Greek
Birgitta Bergquist, The archaeology of sacrifice: Minoan-Mycenaean versus Greek
B.C. Dietrich, The instrument of sacrifice
Demetrius U. Schilardi, The temple of Athena at Koukounaries. Observations on the cult of Athena on Paros
General discussion

Greek Sacrificial Ritual

Folkert van Straten, The god's portion in Greek sacrificial representations: Is the tail doing nicely?
Kevin Clinton, Sacrifice at the Eleusinian Mysteries

Early Cults at Knossos and Sparta

Walter Burkert, Katagogia-Anagogia and the goddess of Knossos
Jane B. Carter, Masks and poetry in early Sparta
Robert Parker,
Demeter, Dionysus and the Spartan pantheon
General discussion

Temples, Altars, Cult Images and Ritual Meals

A.J Mazarakis Ainian, Early Greek temples: Their origin and function
Jacques des Courtils and Anne Pariente, Excavations in the Heracles sanctuary at Thasos (poster)
Hildegund Gropengiesser, Two altars of Artemis at Olympia (poster)
Irene Bald Romano, Early Greek cult images and cult practices
Uta Kron, Kultmahle im Heraion von Samos archaischer Zeit. Versuch einer Rekonstruktion (Cult meals in the Heraion of Samos in the Archaic period. A tentative reconstruction)
Ulrich Sinn, Der Kult der Aphaia auf Aegina (The cult of Aphaia on Aegina)
General discussion

Water in the Cult

Susan Guettel Cole, The uses of water in Greek sanctuaries
Richard A. Tomlinson, Water supplies and ritual at the Heraion Perachora
General discussion

Votive Offerings

J. A. Sakellarakis, Some Geometric and Archaic votives from the Idaian Cave
Brita Alroth, The positioning of Greek votive figurines
Britt Marie Fridh-Haneson, Hera's wedding on Samos: A change of paradigms
Helmut Kyrieleis, Offerings of 'the common man' in the Heraion at Samos
General discussion

Cult Practice and Cultural Anthropology

W. Arens, An anthropological approach to ritual: Evidence, context and interpretation

Special Cults and Cult Practices

Peter G. Calligas, Hero-cult in Early Iron Age Greece
K. Lambrinoudakis, Veneration of ancestors in Geometric Naxos
Evelyn B. Harrison, Greek sculptured coiffures and ritual haircuts
Dina Peppas Delmousou, The Theoria of Brauron
Berit Wells, Early Greek building sacrifices
Tullia Linders, Continuity in change. The evidence of the temple accounts of Delos

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