Artl. no: A45.1
Published in: Stockholm 1996
Pages: 119
Language: English
ISBN10: 9179160328
ISBN13: 978-91-7916-032-6
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Asine III. Supplementary Studies on the Swedish Excavations 1922-1930.

General Stratigraphical Analysis and Architectural Remains.

Edited by Robin Hägg, Gullög C. Nordquist & Berit Wells

This is a collection of eleven papers inaugurating a new series of supplementary studies on the material from the old Swedish excavations at Asine, The first is a summary of the work undertaken between 1922 and 1930 and is intended to help in the study of the published reports and of the unpublished documentation. In further papers additional information is given on the Middle Helladic graves of the Lower Town, the Late Mycenaean terracotta head called "The Lord of Asine" is re-studied, and pottery and small finds from the Mycenaean chamber tombs are discussed, including some technical aspects, such as the use of tin foil on pots. A group of Mycenaean vases from the village of Zafer Aga is published for the first time. Another paper deals with the animal bones from the Lower Town of Asine. Finally, a concordance of the numbers of the graves and skeletons found at Asine is given as a tool for scholars who wish to work on this material.


Gullög C. Nordquist and Robin Hägg, The history of the Asine excavations and collections, with a bibliography.
Gullög C. Nordquist, New information on old graves.
Anna Lucia D’Agata, The "Lord" of Asine reconsidered: technique, type and chronology.
P.A. Mountjoy, Asine Chamber Tomb I:1: the pottery.
Helen Hughes-Brock, Asine Chamber Tomb I:1: the small finds.
O. H Krzyszkowska, Asine Chamber Tomb I:2: the ivories.
Curt W Beck, Spectroscopic identification of "amber" and "black resin" from Asine.
Carole Gillis, Tin at Asine.
Birgitta Leppänen Sjöberg, Five Mycenaean vases from Zafer Aga, 1924.
Katrin Moberg Nilsson, Animal bones from Terrace III in the Lower Town of Asine.
Gullög C Nordquist, Grave concordance, Asine 1922-1930.

Keywords: amber, animal bones, Asine, bone objects, chamber tombs, gold objects, graves, ivory objects, pottery, terracotta sculpture, silver objects, tin.

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