Artl. no: A47I
Published in: Stockholm 1997
Pages: 445
Language: English
ISBN10: 9179160352
ISBN13: 978-91-7916-035-7
Price: 650.00 SEK


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The Greek-Swedish Excavations the Agia Aikaterini Square Kastelli, Khania 1970-1987.

Two volumes, text and figures.

Edited by Erik Hallager & Birgitta P. Hallager

This is the first of seven volumes presenting the results of excavations in Khania, western Crete that took place from 1970-1987. With the exception of 400 years during the Iron Age, the site at Agia Aikaterini Square presents a continuous history of the town over a period of c. 2000 years. This volume deals with everything after the Bronze Age. The layers, architecture and finds are presented as they were excavated; from surface downwards. The major find groups are analysed in separate chapters and appendices cover statistics and chemical analysis of pottery.

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