Artl. no: DME2
Published in: Jonsered 1998
Pages: 363
Language: English
ISBN10: 917081158X
ISBN13: 978-91-7081-158-6
Price: 50.00 EUR

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Egyptian Historical Inscriptions of the Nineteenth Dynasty. Translated by Benedict G. Davies.

This work offers a selection of the major historical inscriptions of the Nineteenth Dynasty in English translation, including such famous pieces as the Battle of Qadesh, the Hittite Treaty and royal marriages of Ramsesses II and the Israel Stela, among many others.
Benedict G. Davies
Since graduating in Oriental Studies at the University of Liverpool in 1988, the author has been active in Egyptology. He has already produced three volumes of translations of historical inscriptions of the Eighteenth Dynasty, and has also written several papers, both published and in press. He spent some years as professional archivist, and more recently has obtained his doctorate with a work on the prosopography of the workmen’s community at Deir el-Medina, including several visits to Egypt for the purposes of this research. Currently, Dr. Davies is the contributing editor of a major multi-authored volume on the reign of Tuthomis III.

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