Artl. no: M136
Published in: Sävedalen 2009
Pages: 316
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-91-7081-241-5
Price: 80.00 EUR

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Karmi: The Bronze Age Cemeteries at Palealona and Lapatsa in Cyprus. Excavations by J.R.B Stewart.

by Jennifer Webb, David Frankel & Kathryn O Eriksson et al.

In 1961, shortly before his death, the late J.R. Stewart excavated two Early and Middle Bronze Age cemeteries near the village of Karmi on the north coast of Cyprus.
This volume presents the results of this work, including full descriptions of the tombs together with detailed catalogues and illustrations of the rich array of pottery and other grave-goods. This provides an important body of data with which to reassess developments on the north coast of Cyprus in the light of current research elsewhere on the island. Both cemeteries began to be used in the Early Bronze Age. While that at Lapatsa fell out of use, the Palealona cemetery continued into the Middle Bronze Age. The best-known feature of the latter site is the unique carving of a human figure in the entrance to one of the tombs. This, and other significant finds, including an imported Middle Minoan Kamares ware cup, can now for the first time be seen in their complete context.
The substantial final chapter not only reassesses the date and significance of these items and the cemeteries as a whole, but also provides an extended discussion of ceremonial and symbolic behaviour associated with mortuary activities.
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