Artl. no: M71.12
Published in: Uppsala 2013
Pages: 252
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-91-7081-251-4
Price: 76.00 EUR

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Vasilikos Valley Project. Part 12.

The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley III. Human Settlement in the Vasilikos Valley.

by Ian A. Todd

This volume is the 12th report in the series of final publications of the excavations and studies of the Vasilikos Valley Project in the Larnaca District on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is the second of three devoted to the field survey, and includes an analysis of settlement patterns through an examination of structures of all types, from antiquity to the twentieth century.
"This book is indispensable for all those who specialize in the archaeology of Cyprus"
Review in Bibliotheca Orientalis 2015 Vol 72 Issue 3-4 (BiOr)
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