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Published in: Stockholm 1997
Pages: 231
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Opuscula Atheniensia XXI.

E.F. Bloedow,‘Olympian’ thoughts: Plutarch on Pericles’ Congress Decree.
K. Demakopoulou, N. Divari-Valakou, P. Åström & G. Walberg, Excavations in Midea 1994.
L. Eriksson, The Greek perception of nature—an ideological strategy? Preliminary outline for a working hypothesis.
J. Forsén, Prehistoric Asea revisited.
J. Forsén, B. Forsén & M. Lavento, The Asea valley survey: a preliminary report of the 1994 season.
G. Henriksson & M. Blomberg, Evidence for Minoan astronomical observations from the peak sanctuaries on Petsophas and Traostalos.
E. Kosmetatou, Midea in the post-Bronze-Age period. A preliminary report.
P. Liljenstolpe & P. von Schmalensee, The Roman stoa of Poleites at Labraynda. A report on its architecture with an appendix by J. Flemberg.
A. Penttinen, Excavations on the Acropolis of Asine 1990.
C. Scheffer, Return or no return. The so-called ephedrismos group and the Hephaisteion.
B. Wells, G. Ekroth & K. Holmgren, The Berbati Valley Project: the 1994 season.
Book reviews.
Books received.
R. Hägg, The Swedish Institute at Athens. Report for the academic years 1992-93 and 1993-94.
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