Artl. no: PB149
Published in: Jonsered 1998
Pages: 154
Language: English
ISBN10: 9170811768
ISBN13: 978-91-7081-176-0
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Spindle whorls.

by Lindy Crewe

This study aims to provide a basis for understanding the functional and stylistic variability of spindle whorls throughout the prehistoric Bronze Age on Cyprus and their place within the broader context of the material culture of this period. The spindle whorl assemblage has been analysed both spatially and temporally to ascertain the sensitivity of the artefacts as regional and chronological markers. Usewear and find contexts are also discussed in order to establish types ofspinning technology and artefact distribution.
  Several levels of analysis have been employed in order to overcome problems of small sample size and different resolutions of attribute recording and these are discussed in detail in relation to specific problems. Changes in the methodology of Cypriot archaeology are reflected in the quality of the data available on spindle whorls and it has, therefore, not been possible to satisfactorily resolve some of the research aims. It is hoped that an understanding of the functional aspects ofwhorls will encourage useful recording of attributes in the future. As the first island-wide study of Cypriot spindle whorls, the aims are to provide practical criteria for the identification and differentiation of whorl types and to serve as a guide for identifying similarities and differences for this class of artefact, both spatially and temporally.

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