Artl. no: PB56
Published in: Göteborg 1987
Pages: 138
Language: English
ISBN10: 9186098640
ISBN13: 978-91-86098-64-3
Soft cover
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High, Middle or Low? Part 1.

Acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held in Göteborg 20th -22nd August 1986.

Edited by Paul Åström


Astronomical Evidence for the Long against the Middle and Short Chronologies by Peter J. Huber

"Was kann die Ägyptologie wirklich zum Problem der abso1uten Chronologie in der Bronzezeit beitragen?" Chronologische Annäherungswerte in der 18. Dynastie von Wolfgang Helck
"Lang oder kurz?" - das Mittlere und Neue Reich Ägyptens als Prufstein von Erik Hornung
The Basics of Egyptian Chronology in Relation to the Bronze Age by K.A. Kitchen
Remarks about the Chronology of the Middle Bronze Age Culture in the Light of Excavations at Tell el-Dab'a by Manfred Bietak
The Chronology of the Middle Cypriote Bronze Age by Paul Åström
Middle Minoan Chronology, Relative and Absolute by Gisela Walberg
Absolute Chronologie und die hethitische Geschichte des 15. und 14. Jahrhunderts v. Chr von G. Wilhelm und J.Boese
SIMS studies of Teeth: a New Dating Technique? by Peter M. Fischer and Alexander R. E. Lodding
Business and Industry in Archaeology (Maybe They Know Something We Don't?) by Alfred Kromholz

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