Artl. no: PB79
Published in: Jonsered 1994
Pages: 55
Language: English
ISBN10: 9170810591
ISBN13: 978-91-7081-059-6
Soft cover
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The Fantastic Years on Cyprus. The Swedish Cyprus Expedition and its Members.

by Paul Åström et al.

The adventures of The Swedish Cyprus Expedition (1927-1931) have been characterized as "The fantastic years on Cyprus" by its last surviving hero, Professor Alfred Westholm. In this booklet he describes what has been called "the most important foreign archaeological expedition the island will ever have had."
Biographical notes on the other members of the expedition are given: Professor Einar Gjerstad, for whom Cyprus was alpha and omega of his life, Professor Erik Sjöqvist, "the born field archaeologist", and the architect John Lindros, "the magician with fair hair", Dr Robert Merrillees describes how the late Professor James R. Stewart became involved in the Swedish Cyprus Expedition. During the vicissitudes during which Stewart’s cooperation with the expedition took form he visited Westholm in Swedish winter-time and experienced the ordeal of shaving in a frozen lake.

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