Artl. no: R33
Published in: Stockholm 1972
Pages: 220
Language: English
ISBN10: 9170420130
ISBN13: 978-91-7042-013-9
Soft cover
Price: 169.00 SEK


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Opuscula Romana IX. Eric Sjöqvist dedicata.

G. Säflund, Il Germanico del Museo del Louvre. Proposta d’identificazione e d’interpretazione.
P. Åström, A New Ware; Light-and-Red-on-Black Ware.
B. Bergquist, Was there a Formal Dining-room, Sacred or Civic, on the Acropolis of Acquarossa?
E. Gjerstad, Veiovis- a Pre-Indoeuropean God in Rome?
M.L. Säflund, Ein Zeuskopf im Museo Chiaramonti?
B. Tamm, Some Notes on Roman Houses.
B.E. Thomasson, The One-legion Roman Provinces of the Roman Empire during the Principate.
H. Thylander, Senatum militia vetuit et adire exercitum.
H.L. Allen, Morgantina Sea Monsters, Lions, and "Baroque" Sicilian Workshops.
M. Bell, Some Sikeliote Tanagras.
J.C. Carter, The Figure in the Naiskos-marble Sculptures from the Necropolis of Taranto.
W.A.P. Childs, Prolegomena to a Lycian Chronology: The Nereid Monument from Xanthos.
M.I. Davies, The Death of Aigisthos: a Fragmentary Stamnos by the Copenhagen Painter.
P. Deussen, The Nuptial Theme of Centuripe Vases.
K.T. Erim, A Portrait Statue of Domitian from Aphrodisias.
R.R. Holloway, Una matrice di testa silenica proveniente dagli scavi di Buccino.
J.F. Kenfield III, The Sculptural Significance of Early Greek Armour.
S. Lattimore, Meleager: New Replicas, Old Problems.
S.G. Miller, Hestia and Symmachos
N. Nabers, The Architectural Variations of the Macellum.
K.M. Philips Jr, Two Archaic Bronzes from Poggio Civitate.
T. Leslie Shear Jr, A Votive Relief from the Athenian Agora.
S. Shenouda, Alexandria University Excavations on the Cricket Playgrounds in Alexandria.
D. White, Two Girls from Cyrene: Recent Discoveries from the Sanctuary of Demeter.
J. Rohnström, The Published Writings of Erik Sjöqvist. A Bibliography.
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