Artl. no: R38I2
Published in: Stockholm 1988
Pages: 144
Language: English
ISBN10: 917042134X
ISBN13: 978-91-7042-134-1
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Acquarossa. Vol I, Part 2. The Painted Architectural Terracottas.

Typological and Decorative Analysis.

by Charlotte Wikander

The book contains the analysis and discussion of the painted architectural terracottas of private houses excavated at the Etruscan acropolis of Acquarossa in Central Italy. The terracottas treated have previously been published in Acquarossa I:1.
  Ch. I-III treat typological and technical questions, and the archaeological for the distribution of terracottas on individual roofs and the decorative contents of the roofs. Ch. IV-V deal with the painted decoration. the patterns represented in the painted material and the derivation of these patterns. Ch. VI and VII contain chronological, stylistic and general conclusions.
   The architectural terracottas of Acquarossa form part of the as yet earliest known terracotta repertoire of Etruria, from at least the last quarter of the VII century B.C. The terracotta production at the site is divided into three phases: the earliest (Phase 1) from the last quarter of the VII century, is a stage where the models for architectural terracottas taken from Greece are as yet imperfectly known, and particularly the painted decoration is founded on the local ceramic production. In the next stage (Phase 2), from c. 575 B.C., architectural models of non-local origins are known, a stage which presupposes contacts with architectural traditions of the Greek world. In the final phase, outside the scope of this book, which also coincides with the last period of occupation of the site, decoration for private houses are abandoned.

Keywords: Acquarossa; Etruria; architectural terracottas; revetment plaques; Caeretan redware; urbanization; guilloches.

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