Artl. no: R42
Published in: Stockholm 1985
Pages: 167
Language: English
Soft cover
Price: 228.00 SEK


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Opuscula Romana XV.

P. Bruun, From Polis to Metropolis. Notes on Thessalonica in the Administration of the Late Roman Empire.
L. Cozza, La grande pianta di Flerii esposta nel museo di Villa Giulia.
I. Edlund, A Terracotta Head from Poggio Civitate (Murlo).
H. Erkell, Varroniana II. Studi topografici in Varro, De lingua latina V. 45-50.
H. Kampmann, The ustrinum in Palazzo del Parlamento in Rome.
J. Kraft, The Cretan Labyrinths and the Walls of Troy. An Analysis of Roman Labyrinth Designs.
A.M. Leander Touati, A Marble Head in the Swedish Institute in Rome.
H. Montgomery, Decurions and the Clergy - some Suggestions.
E. Rystedt, An Unusual Etruscan Vase from Chiusi.
C. Scheffer, Was there a Garden at Poggio Civitate?
B.E. Thomasson, Zur Laufbahn einiger Statthalter des Prinzipats.
D. Whitehouse, Medieval Pottery from Luni sul Mignone.
Ö. Wikander, Mill-channels, Weirs, and Ponds. The Environment of Ancient Water-mills.
Ö. Wikander, Senators and Equities. I. The Case of the Aufidii.
Guide for Contributors to Opuscula Atheniensia and Opuscula Romana.
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