Artl. no: R46
Published in: Stockholm 1989
Pages: 247
Language: English
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Opuscula Romana XVII.

J. Bengtsson, Survey in Italy, “La Farnesiana project”.
M. Cullhed, Maxentius as princeps.
I. Edlund-Berry, Four terracotta heads from Poggio Civitate (Murlo). Towards a definition of the ‘Murlo style’.
G. Ferrari, Felicior Augusto—portrait medaillons in glass and the Ravenna relief.
E. Holmberg, Who made the vases of the Red-Line Painter and relations?.
L. Karlsson, Some notes on the fortifications of Greek Sicily.
G. Labud, Il territorio del sito archeologico di San Simone d’Isola.
K.M. Phillips, Jr. (†), Notes from Berlin on a bronze owl.
S. Quilici Gigli, Paesaggi storici dell’agro falisco: i prata di Corchiano.
P. Reimers, “Opus omnium dictu maximum”. Literary sources for the knowledge of Roman city drainage.
B. Santillo Frizell, The autonomous development of dry masonry domes in the Mediterranean area. Some considerations.
M. Strandberg Olofsson, On the reconstruction of the monumental area at Acquarossa.
Ö. Wikander, Ausonius’ saw-mills once again.
idem, Roman and Mediaeval tile-roofs. Evidence from representations.
idem, Senators and equites III. The case of the Saufeii.
I. Wiman, Indications of consistency between physical data and ornamental decoration within two groups of Etruscan mirrors.
A. Ziolkowski, The sacra via and the temple of Iuppiter Stator.
The Swedish Institute in Rome. Report for the academic years 1986/87 & 1987/88.
Guide for contributors to Opuscula Atheniensia and Opuscula Romana.
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