Artl. no: R47
Published in: Stockholm 1991
Pages: 241
Language: English
ISBN10: 9170421366
ISBN13: 978-91-7042-136-5
Soft cover
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Opuscula Romana XVIII

J. Svenbro, La Cigale et les fourmis. Voix et écriture dans une allegorie grecque (Lectiones Boëthianae VII).
K. Berggren, The Capestrano warrior and the Numana head. A structuralist semiotic interpretation.
R. Billig, Bilder und Bodenfunde. Kleine Beiträge zur Kenntnis der spätantiken Stadt.
H. Damgaard Andersen, The feline waterspouts of the lateral sima from the Upper Building at Poggio Civitate, Murlo.
J. DeRose Evans, Statues of the kings and Brutus on the Capitoline.
J. Ganzert, Zweimal zur Vitruv-Interpretation.
A.-M. Leander Touati, Commodus wearing the lion skin. A “modern” portrait in Stockholm.
C.S. Lightfoot& M. Yazıcı, A Roman tomb-group containing two samovars (authepsae)from Kayseri, Turkey.
K.M. Phillips, Jr. (†), The lateral sima from Poggio Civitate (Murlo): notes on early Etruscan craftmanship.
C. Weber Lehmann, Die Dokumentation der etruskischen Grabmalerei aus dem Nachlass Alessandro Moranis.
C.& Ö. Wikander, The Early monumental complex at Acquarossa. A preliminary report.
Ö. Wikander, Senators and equites IV. The case of the Egnatii.
Field reports:
G. Labud, Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavo del 1988 e del 1989 a San Simone (Simonov Zaliv) presso Isola.
E. Rystedt, Ricerca topografica intorno ad Acquarossa: relazione preliminare.

E. Billig, Habent sua fata libelli. Swedish notes on the problem of the German scientific libraries in Italy 1943–1948.
The Swedish Institute in Rome. Report for the academic years 1988/89 & 1989/90.
R. Brilliant, rev. of A.-M. Leander Touati, The Great Trajanic Frieze. The study of a monument and of the mechanism of message transmission in Roman art.
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