Artl. no: R57
Published in: Stockholm 2001
Pages: 202
Language: English
ISBN10: 917042165X
ISBN13: 978-91-7042-165-5
Soft cover
Price: 450.00 SEK

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The Synagogue of Ancient Ostia and the Jews of Rome. Interdisciplinary Studies.

Edited by Birger Olsson, Dieter Mitternacht & Olof Brandt

Introduction by Birger Olsson
The Quarter Surrounding the Synagogue at Ostia by Olof W. Brandt
The Synagogue at Ancient Ostia: The Building and its History From the First to the Fifth Century by Anders Runesson
A Struggle Among Brothers: An Interpretation of the Relations Between Jews and Christians in Ostia by Magnus Zetterholm
Water and Worship: Ostia and the Ritual Bath in the Diaspora Synagogue by Anders Runesson
The Jewish Communities of Ancient Rome by Karin Hedner-Zetterholm
The Jews as the Roman Authors Saw Them by Sten Hidal
The Greek of the Jews in Ancient Rome by Georg Walser
Semitic Inscriptions in Rome by Per Å. Bengtsson
A Sabbath Service in Ostia: What Do We Know about the Ancient Synagogal Service? by Irene von Görtz-Wrisberg
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