Journal of Prehistoric Religion



Volume X, 1996.

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Editors: Paul Åström & Jon van Leuven


P. Åström, Triads in the Cypriote Pantheon?.
S. O’Bryhim, The Deities from the Kotchati Sanctuary Models.
V. Karageorghis, The Use of Masks Again.
C. Lascu, F. Baciu, S. Sarbu and M. Gligan, A Mousterian Cave Bear Worship Site in Transylvania, Roumania.
E.F. Bloedow, Notes on Animal Sacrifices in Minoan Religion.
B.-M. Näsström, The Adornment of Earth - an Old Norse Transition Rite.
S. Lee Gosline, MNJT Necklace and (J)M'Ankht Counterpoise.
G.R.H. Wright, An Introduction to W. Brede Kristensen’s Studies on Cult Objects.
K. Berggren and J.B.Harrod, Understanding Marija Gimbutas.
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Printed in Jonsered 1996. ISBN: 978-91-7081-132-6.

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