Journal of Prehistoric Religion



Volume XI-XII, 1998.

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Editor: Paul Åström


P. Åström, An Altar to an Unknown God at Hala Sultan Tekke?
M. R. Bel-giorno, Anthropomorphic Vases of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in Cyprus.
J. Bouzek, Sibyllae.
C.A. Dixon, The End of Malta´s Temple-building Culture.
G.R.H. Wright, Eros and Thanatos. A Myth - Ancient or Modern?
E. Yiannouli, Fecundity and the Sacred. Some Preliminary Thoughts Regarding Bronze Age Greece.
The volume also contain notes, news, reports on colloquia, lists of books and articles received, notes on the authors, instructions to contributors.
Hard cover. 94 pages. Price: 15.00 USD.
Printed in Jonsered 1998. ISBN: 978-91-7081-144-9.

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