Journal of Prehistoric Religion



Volume VI, 1992.

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Editors: Paul Åström & Jon van Leuven


P. Åström, Altamira and the Poets.
J.M. Blázquez, On the Early Bronze Age Idols of Iberia: Origins and Chronology.
E.F. Bloedow, Minoan Talismanic Goats.
B. & J. Forsén, A Prehistoric Foot from Argolis.
G. Scandone Matthiae, Khentiamenti-Horus: the Dead King During the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt.
M. Ripinsky-Naxon, Shamanism: Religion or Rite?
Reviews of books.
Hard cover. 62 pages. Price: 15.00 USD.
Printed in Jonsered 1992. ISBN: 978-91-7081-060-2.

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