Journal of Prehistoric Religion



Volume IX, 1995.

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Editors: Paul Åström & Jon van Leuven


P. Åström, Pictorial Representations of Hedgehogs at Hala Sultan Tekke.
H.-G. Buchholz, Zur religiösen Bedeutung mykenischer Igel.
P. Flourentzos, A Unique Scene on a Cypriote Red Polished Jug.
K. Nys, The Use of Masks in Cyprus During the Late Bronze Age.
D. Reese, Equid Sacrifices/Burials in Greece and Cyprus: an Addendum.
M. Ripinsky-Naxon, Cognition, Symbolization, and the Beginnings of Shamanism.
M. Otte, The Prehistory of Religion: Data and Method.
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Printed in Jonsered 1995. ISBN: 978-91-7081-097-8.

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