Acta Instituti Atheniensis Regni Sueciae

Opuscula Atheniensia



Opuscula Atheniensia 25-26, 2000-2001

Robin Hägg dedicata.


T. Åkerstedt, Hellenistic-Roman chamber tombs at Milas: Swedish excavations 1938.
Y. Backe-Forsberg, C. Risberg & Y. Bassiakos, Metal-working at Asine. Report on the remains of iron production from the Barbouna area and the area east of the Acropolis.
K. Demakopoulou, N. Divari-Valakou, P. Åström & G. Walberg, Work in Midea 1997–1999: excavation, conservation, restoration.
N. Hillbom, Minoan and Eastern Mediterranean games and game boards: a history of research.
K. Höghammar, A note on the border conflict between Argos and Sparta in the second century B.C..
P. Pakkanen, The relationship between continuity and change in Dark Age Greek religion: a methodological study.
V. Karageorghis, The Mycenaean pottery if the pictorial style: achievements and perspectives.
H. Mommsen & J. Maran, Production places of some Mycenaean pictorial vessels: the contribution of chemical pottery analysis.
L. Vagnetti, Preliminary remarks on Mycenaean pottery from the central Mediterranean.
E. Kyriakidis, Pithos or baetyl? On the interpretation of a group of Minoan rings.
Book reviews.
Books received.
K. Hägg Niklasson, The published writings of Robin Hägg. A bibliography.
Guide for contributors to Opuscula Atheniensia and Opuscula Romana.
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