Papers from the Norwegian Institute at Athens



Homer´s World. Fiction, Tradition, Reality.

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Editors: Øivind Andersen & Matthew Dickie


The present volume has its origins in a conference organised in December 1993 by the Norwegian Institute at Athens. The papers reflect sharply different views of the relationship between Homer and his world. There are those which treat the Homeric poems as repositories of information about real events in the distant Heroic Past and those which are inclined to see the Heroic World as a fictional creation built out of a variety of elements. The editors submit the volume in the humble hope that it may be of worth in itself and that it may spur further discussion of the issues raised by the contributors.


1. CARLA M. ANTONACCIO. Lefkandi and Homer
2. MATTHEW DICKIE. The Geography of Homer's World
3. WOLFGANG KULLMANN : Homers Zeit und das Bild des Dichters von den Menschen der mykenischen Kultur
4. TILMAN KRISCHER: Die Inhomogenität der Troja-Epik
5. PHANIS TH. KAKRIDIS: Odysseus und Palamedes
6. PETER JONES: Poetic Invention: The Fighting around Troy in the First Nine Years of the Trojan War
7. MALCOLM M. WILLCOCK: The Importance of Iliad 8
8. ODYSSEUS TSAGARAKIS: Odyssey 11: The Question of the Sources
9. NANNO MARINATOS: Circe and Liminality: Ritual Background and Narrative Structure
10. J. GORDON HOWIE : The Iliad as Exemplum

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