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Journal of Prehistoric Religion

Nys (ed.), Volume XXI, 2007

Nys(ed), Vol XXII, 2010.

Forsén (ed), Vol XXIII, 2012.

Forsén (ed), Vol XXIV, 2014.

Forsén (ed), Vol XXV, 2016.

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology

- Monographs

Kling & Muhly, Joan du Plat Taylor´s Excavations at the Late Bronze Age Mining Settlement at Apliki Karamallos, Cyprus. 1.

Frankel & Webb, The Bronze Age Cemeteries at Deneia in Cyprus

Frankel & Webb, Karmi: The Bronze Age Cemeteries at Palealona and Lapatsa in Cyprus. Excavations by J.R.B Stewart.

Frankel & Webb, SIMA 50 years on.

Frankel & Webb, Ambelikou Aletri. Metallurgy and Pottery Production in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus. with contributions by M. Georgakopoulou, T. Rehren, G. Constantinou and I. Panayides.

Knapp, Webb & McCarthy (eds), J.R.B. Stewart. An Archaeological Legacy.

Georgiou & Karageorghis, A Cypro-Archaic Tomb at Xylotymbou and Three Cypro-Classical Tombs at Phlasou: From Exuberance to Recession.

Karageorghis & Kanta, Pyla-Kokkinokremos. A late 13th century BC fortified settlement in Cyprus. Excavations 2010–2011

Papadopoulos&Kontorli-Papadopoulou, Vravron. The Mycenaean Cemetery.

Webb (ed), Structure, Measurement and Meaning. Studies on Prehistoric Cyprus in Honour of David Frankel.

Elefanti et al., Lithics past and present. Perspectives on chipped stone studies in Greece.

- Corpus of Cypriote Artefacts

Stewart, Corpus of Cypriot Artefacts of the Early Bronze Age. Part 4. Edited by Jennifer Webb and David Frankel.

- Corpus of Cypriote Antiquities

Pickup, Bergeron & Webb, Cypriote Antiquities in Reading. The Ure Museum at the University of Reading and the Reading Museum (Reading Borough Council)

- Hala Sultan Tekke

Åström & Nys (eds), Hala Sultan Tekke 12. Tomb 24, Stone Anchors, Faunal Remains and Pottery Provenance

- Vasilikos Valley Project

Todd, The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley. Volume II. Artefacts Recovered by the Field Survey.

Todd, Vasilikos Valley Project. Part 11. Kalavasos Village Tombs 52 - 79.

Todd, Vasilikos Valley Project. Part 12. The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley III. Human Settlement in the Vasilikos Valley.

- Pocket books

Westholm, "THE FANTASTIC YEARS ON CYPRUS" lllustrated Extracts from Alfred Westholm´s Letters to His Parents 1927-1931. N. Eriksson (ed.)

Collard, Function and Ethnicity: ´Bathtubs´ from Late Bronze Age Cyprus.

Larsson Lovén & Strömberg, Public Roles and Personal Status. Men and Women in Antiquity. Proceedings of the Third Nordic Symposium on Gender and Women´s History in Antiquity.

Gillis & Sjöberg, Crossing Borders. Proceedings of the 7th, 8th and 9th International Workshops in Athens 1997-1999.

Pararas, Immovable Offertory Installations in Late Bronze Age Cyprus.

Åström & Nys (eds), The Swedish Cyprus Expedition 80 Years. Proceedings of the Symposium in Honour of the Memory of Einar Gjerstad Held in the Royal Academy of Letters, Stockholm, 28 September 2007.

McGowan, Ambiguity and Minoan Neopalatial Seal Imagery.

Merrillees, The "Ochsenkrater-Grab" from Nicosia Ayia Paraskevi.

Clarke, The Manufacture of Minoan Metal Vessels. Theory and Practice.

Michaelides(ed), Epigraphy, Numismatics, Prosopography and History of Ancient Cyprus. Papers in Honour of Ino Nicolaou.

Demesticha (ed), PER TERRAM, PER MARE. Seaborne Trade and the Distribution of Roman Amphorae in the Mediterranean.

Trainor, The Ceramics Industry of Roman Sikyon: A Technological Study.

McPhee (ed), Myth, Drama and Style in South Italian Vase-Painting. Selected Papers by A.D. Trendall.

Demesticha & Knapp, Maritime Transport Containers in the Bronze–Iron Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

Bourogiannis & Mühlenbock (ed), Ancient Cyprus Today. Museum Collections and New Research.

Minchin & Jackson (ed), Text and the Material World. Essays in Honour of Graeme Clarke.

- and Literature. Pocket books.

Ollfors, August Strindberg och den grekisk-romerska antiken


- Grekiska översättningar

Plutarchos, Djurens rätt och vegetarism. Fyra skrifter ur Moralia. Översättning med introduktion och noter av Sven-Tage Teodorsson

Filostratos, Om tränarkonsten. Peri gymnastikes. Översättning med kommentar av Paavo Roos.

Appianos, Mithridateskriget. Mithradateios. Översättning med kommentar av Paavo Roos.

- Latinska översättningar

Plautus, Amfitryon. Amphitruo


Styrenius, Arbete med lokalfrågor i antikens tjänst.

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