Greek Sacrificial Ritual. Olympian and Chthonian.

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A collection of eighteen papers, read or circulated at an international seminar in Göteborg, that deal with the ancient Greek sacrificial ritual, with special reference to the traditional dichotomy of the Olympian and the chthonian aspect, the relevance of which has been questioned in modern research. Among the special topics discussed are sacrifices to heroes and in
the cult of the dead, magical sacrifice, sacrifice to the sea, pig sacrifice
and the sacrifice of pregnant animals. Other aspects dealt with include the
role of dedications in the cult and the practicalities of ruler-cult, further
the priest’s role in Greek sacrifice. Several contributions discuss the
implications of the recently published lex sacra from Selinous for the understanding of Greek sacrificial practice,
reinterpreting previously known inscriptions in the light of the new evidence.
Two papers deal with descriptions of sacrifice in Greek tragedy (Aeschylus, Oresteia; Sophocles, Trachiniae).
There is a bibliographical survey of faunal remains from Greek sanctuaries and a special study comparing
the animal bones from sacrifices to the god Poseidon and those from sacrifices
to the hero Melikertes-Palaimon at Isthmia.

Keywords: altar, animal sacrifice, cult of the dead, gods, heroes, lex sacra, magical sacrifice, pig sacrifice, pregnant animals, priest, ruler-cult, sacrificial imagery, tragedy.

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Stockholm 2005
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