Poetry of Ancient Egypt.

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Poetry of Ancient Egypt.

Kenneth A. Kitchen, Personal and Brunner Professor Emeritus of Egyptology in the University of Liverpool.

   In Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern studies, author of the 8-volume hieroglyphic edition of Ramesside Inscriptions, and of 14 volumes of accompanying Translations and Notes & Comments (in progress); of a two-volume, bilingual Catalogue of the Egyptian Collection, Rio de Janeiro, of Third Intermediate Period in Egypt; of Ancient Orient & Old Testament and The Bible in its World; of a 4-volume series, Documentation for Ancient Arabia (in progress), besides numerous papers and reviews. His researches have taken him to Egypt, the Levant, Arabia and Brazil, and he has lectured worldwide.

   This volume offers a wide range of poetry from Ancient Egypt, running through a period of over 3,000 years from the dawn of her history into Roman times. The wealth of works presented includes hymns to the gods and praises of the pharaoh, songs of the common people, and not least the charming love-lyrics which are among the greatest delights of ancient Egyptian literature.

   Succinct notes accompany the transcriptions and translations, the whole being prefaced by an Introduction on the rise and development of the forms of Egyptian poetry through the ages.

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Jonsered 1999
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