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Opuscula Atheniensia XIII.

Dimitri Anson, The Rude Style Late Cypriot IIC-III pottery: an analytical typology. Hjördis von Arbin, An Early Cypriote milk bowl. Paul Åström, Cyprus and Troy. Paul Åström & Ino Nicolaou, Lead sling bullets from Hala Sultan Tekke. Erland Billig, Die Bühne mit austauschbaren Kulissen. Eine verkannte Bühne des Frühhellenismus? Barbara Bohen, A Geometric horse pyxis...


Opuscula Atheniensia XV.

Hjördis von Årbin, The alabastron-shaped vases found in the “Throne Room” at Knossos. Paul Åström, Aegyptiaca at Hala Sultan Tekke. Barbro Santillo Frizell, The tholos tomb at Berbati. Barbro Santillo Frizell & Raffaele Santillo, The construction and structural behaviour of the Mycenaean tholos tomb. Erik Holmberg & Alain Pasquier, Four Corinthian vases in the Röhss...


Opuscula Atheniensia XVI.

Paul Åström, Hala Sultan Tekke – An international harbour town of the Late Cypriote Bronze Age. Paul Åström & Katie Demakopoulou, New excavations in the Citadel of Midea, 1983-1984. Paul Åström, R. Maddin, J. D. Muhly & T. Stech, Iron artifacts from Swedish excavations in Cyprus. Kevin Clinton, The author of the Homeric Hymn to...


Opuscula Atheniensia XVII.

Paul Åström, Katie Demakopoulou & Gisela Walberg, Excavations in Midea 1985. Valerie Cook, Cyprus and the outside world during the transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. Kåre Fagerström, Finds, function and plan: a contribution to the interpretation of Iron Age Nichoria in Messenia. Arne Furumark, Linear A and Minoan religion. Heinz-Eberhard Giesecke,...


Opuscula Atheniensia XVIII.

Paul Åström, Katie Demakopoulou, N. Divari-Valakou, Peter Fischer & Gisela Walberg, Excavations in Midea 1987. Birgitta Bergquist, Primary and secondary temple function: the case of Halieis. K. Danali-Giole, Ikonographische Beobachtungen zu drei mythologischen Themen: Pentheus, Phineus, Prometheus. Søren Dietz & Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, A Middle Helladic III/Late Helladic I grave group from Myloi in the Argolid...


Opuscula Atheniensia XIX.

Carl Nylander, Sture Brunnsåker, 1925-1978. Paul Åström, Katie Demakopoulou, N. Divari-Valakou & P Fischer, Excavations in Midea. 1989-1990. Gisela Walberg, Excavations on the Lower Terraces at Midea. Birgitta Bergquist, A particular Western Greek cult practice? The significance of stele-crowned, sacrificial deposits. M Blomberg, The meaning of Celidwn in Hesiod. Robin Hägg & Gullög C. Nordquist,...


Opuscula Atheniensia XX.

D. L. Bolger, Engendering Cypriot archaeology: female roles and statuses before the Bronze Age. Katie Demakopoulou, N. Divari-Valakou & Gisela Walberg, Excavation and restoration work in Midea 1990-1992. B. Forsén, Marmorne Gewichtsteine aus Thera. D. Frankel & J M Webb, Hobs and hearths in Bronze Age Cyprus. C. Gillis, Binding evidence. Tin foil and organic...


Opuscula Atheniensia V.

Hector Catling, A Mycenaean cup in Oxford. Jaqueline and Vassos Karageorghis, The Meniko hoard of silver coins. K. Nicolaou, Zeus Keraunios of Kition. K. Nicolaou, Mycenaean terracotta figurines in the Cyprus Museum. Paul Åström, Red-on-Black ware. Paul Åström, Mycenaean pottery from the region of Aigion, with a list of Prehistoric sites in Achaia. Paul Åström,...

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